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One Word Revolution

A New Musical 

One Word Revolution takes place in a fictional world, one that looks and feels just a shade different from ours, and tells the story of a conflict between two countries, leaving one forcefully occupied by the other. A young woman, Evelyn, born into captivity with the rest of her small country’s population, sends a desperate cry for help over the walls that confine her in the form of a paper plane - bearing a single word: ‘Hello.’ A soldier, Riley, who’s heart is already plagued with doubt over his role in the occupation, is the one to discover this note, sparking a forbidden correspondence between the two. Together, in tandem with a civilian uprising led by the fiery Moyra Brennan, they ignite an uprising bound to change everything - forever.

Music and Lyrics by Kelly Marie Schaaf

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A Full Length Drama

Drawing notes from Rosemary’s Baby (and several other classics), the recent nostalgia for eighties cinema, the glamorous aesthetic of Italian horror, and the vein of Brecht’s Epic Theatre, Ordinance is thrilling, stylish, experimental, and, above all, thought provoking in its explorations. With consistently rising stakes, the scope of Ordinance broadens from the intimate to the grand, from personal to universal, from waking horrors to those of nightmares. The story centers on a suburban family with ties to an ancient organization intent on ushering in a New Age for the human race. Mental illness, substance abuse, and the dark voice that lurks beyond the film dividing conscious and unconscious thought mingle dangerously throughout this blood soaked narrative. Ordinance, and its uniquely faceted characters, demands the audience participate in its gruesome journey.

As Days Go By

A One Act

A series of eight separate scenes, soliloquies, vignettes, and even a dance piece, each set along a linear timeline of the apocalypse. A haunting and cerebral look into the profoundness of death, loss, grief, and heart ache felt from people of all walks of life as a terrible virus that turns its hosts into violent monsters, consumes the world.

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